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CloX is a fresh new way to build private clouds in no time for a very low price. You will get a lightweight IaaS-ready Cloud Platform for your business.

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Why CloX is needed?

It is beyond any doubt the advantages that Cloud Computing has brought. Today, it is difficult for most companies to be competitive on the market without it. Small businesses typically use Public Clouds to host their services, but this deployment model presents serious disadvantages around security, interoperatibility, costs, among others. This is the reason why powerfull and resourceful companies don't trust their core operations on them and deploy services in a Private Cloud inside their own facilities using self-maintained datacenters instead of renting infrastructure to Public Clouds providers such as Amazon Web Services.
Small companies typically can't afford Private Cloud model and there are two main reasons to this behavior with current solutions: initial high costs and complexity, which translates in extremely high capital and operational expenses.

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What is CloX?

CloX is a new Cloud Platform completely free, easy to manage and deploy with very quick provisioning times that scales massively. It is designed to allow small companies to build their own private cloud and remove existing dependency from public clouds. CloX is composed by a mix of hardware and software, some open source solutions developed by third parties and some technologies developed by the team behind CloX.

Lower Costs

There is no need to pay big amounts of money to specialized personnel, anyone can manage it, which reduces operational expenses.


Easy to Scale

Designed with horizontal scalability in mind.


Lightweight Virtualization

Powered by LXD, the ultimate machine container open source technology possible through LXDoNe.


Easy to Manage

This platform is manage by OpenNebula, a simple but feature rich cloud orchestrator, giving you the absolute control over your entire infrastructure.


Low Power Consumption

ARM-based single board computers with a very efficient energy usage down to 10 watts per module and quiet computing.


Control & Ownership

You can adapt the platform to your business's needs. Don't depend on decisions made by any Public Cloud provider.



Your private data remains inside your facility's perimeter.


Easy to Deploy

We provide step-by-step deployment guides for beginners and developers. We provide ready to deploy images that will have you up and running in no time.

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